Oats for the Wheat Allergic Individual

Many people have asked about my use of oats in a wheat-free cookbook. There are many sources that are concerned about cross-contamination between oats and wheat. My decision to feed my child oats despite her wheat allergy came initially through discussion with my allergist. He, like many other physicians, sees no problem with oats for wheat allergic individuals. You will need to involve your allergist in this decision, and any other decision involving adding new foods to your diet.

This decision has been affirmed by more than 4 years of feeding oats to my daughter. She is extremely sensitive to wheat. In fact, she had an anaphylactic reaction from touching a counter with flour on it and putting her finger in her mouth. Despite her extreme sensitivity to wheat, she has never reacted to oats. She eats oats every single day. She has no ongoing eczema or other allergy symptoms, and does not use any daily or ongoing allergy therapy (i.e. daily Zyrtec, daily inhalers, etc.).

All of that aside, you need to make your own decision about the safety of oats. To help you with that, please visit the following links to educate yourself about the issue. After educating yourself, please discuss wheat and oats with your allergist. Only an allergist can help you be certain that you are making a safe decision about your allergies.

These are hospital websites that include a recommended diet for wheat allergic individuals.



These websites explain in detail the difference between celiac disease and wheat allergy.



Here is a celiac website that also addresses the question.


Additionally, here is a company that guarantees not to have cross-contamination in their oats.


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